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Horner explains why Red Bull did not comment on Helmut Marko’s comments about ‘Checo’ – El Financiero

At the beginning of September, Helmut Marko made a discriminatory comment about Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérezwhere he assured that because he was South American (which is not even correct) his performance in Red Bull It was less than Verstappen’s.

The above caused annoyance among F1 fans worldwide, causing entities such as the Mexican GP and the same FIA issued statements and messages about the advisor of the Austrian team.

And two weeks after his unfortunate comment, it was Christian Horner, director of Red Bullwho explained why the red bull team had not commented on the matter.

Helmut Marko was wrong: Christian Horner

In an interview he offered to Sky Sports F1 of Great Britain, questioned Horner about comments Helmut Marko made about one of his drivers.

Although he admitted that he was not the most accurate, he also assured that the same advisor realized this and He apologized to ‘Checo’. Even sent through Servus TV a letter making public his comments.

“First of all, those comments were not correct. Helmut quickly recognized this and apologized for it both publicly and directly to Sergio. “He spoke directly with Sergio about it and I think you always learn in life, even at 80 years old, and inevitably lessons have been learned,” he began to explain.

Why had Red Bull not commented on Helmut Marko’s comments?

The director of the Austrian team was also questioned why they did not at any time issue any comment regarding the statements of Marko.

The explanation he gave was that, in reality, Helmut does not belong to the Red Bull team, but to the corporate teamso they as a team are not responsible for the words issued by the Austrian advisor.

“He is not an employee of Red Bull Racing. That is why we have not published a statement. He is part of the Red Bull Group and that group has published an apology through the channel ServusTV”said Christian Horner.

Therefore, the questions related to the controversial advisor cannot be answered, even though they have touched on the topic in Red Bull.

“There is a code of conduct, a code of ethics and a sporting code, so that already exists and of course we have communicated with the FIA ​​and the FOM over the last week, as you can imagine, and it is a matter “That’s their responsibility, not the team,” he concluded.

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