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Houthis denounce US bombings in Yemen amid Blinken’s visit to Saudi Arabia – El Financiero

Yemen’s Houthi rebels today denounced a new round of bombings launched by the United States and the United Kingdom against the port city of Al Hodeida, on the coast of the Red Sea, at a time when the American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has begun his tour of the Middle East.

Al Masira television, spokesperson for the Houthis, said that “American and British aggression planes launched new attacks against the city of Al Hodeida,” while residents of the port town assured EFE that the bombings would have caused civilian casualties.

According to the network, the bombings targeted the Al Katheeb area, in the northwest of Al Hodeida, a town where the insurgents usually launch their attacks. attacks against commercial shipping in the Red Sea and warships deployed by several Western countries.

This new round of attacks occurs in the middle of the Blinken’s visit to Saudi Arabiawhere today he landed as part of his fifth tour of the Middle East to secure a truce and the release of the hostages in the Gaza Stripas well as trying to prevent the expansion of the conflict in the region.

They also come after the United States and the United Kingdom carried out a new large-scale operation against Houthi positions in Yemen on Saturday, where they targeted 36 targets in 13 locations different from the Arab country in response to the attacks against navigation.

They also take place after the United States alone bombed different enclaves of pro-Iran militias in Syria and Iraq on Friday, which Washington accuses of being behind the drone attack that killed three US soldiers on January 28 at a military base in Jordan.

These interventions by Washington in the Middle East have awakened fears that the war in the Gaza Strip will spreadwhile several Arab countries have warned that these attacks could have “disastrous repercussions.”

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