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Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of Morena in the Senate, He affirmed that he is with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but “I am not part of an unconditional chorus of follow-up” and He denied that he had betrayed the movement of the Fourth Transformation.

The also president of the Political Coordination Board responded to criticism from his fellow seats, Citlalli Hernández, general secretary of his party, and Héctor Vasconcelos, who They asserted that the Zacatecas politician is moving further and further away from the postulates defended by López Obrador.

In interview, Monreal said that he respects Citlalli Hernández as a leader and “hopefully the differences between the militants and leaders of Morena will not deepen.”

On Wednesday, during the preliminary meeting of the bench, Senator Héctor Vasconcelos He warned Monreal that “there is only one project here, the one that is with the President and the one that is not.”

To which the majority leader replied: “I am with the President, but I am not part of an unconditional chorus of support. In other words, I am with the President, but I have my own opinion, my criteria and what I am trying is for the legislative body to be a true legislative control body, to be a counterweight and a balancing body in the decisions we make . That is not bad”.

—You have not betrayed the movement?—

“I have never, never betrayed the movement. Well, I have never betrayed it, that all the reforms that the president was interested in, as a movement and as a head of the Executive that he presented as initiatives, came out, including appointments that were not easy, including appointments that they were not comfortable and that their performance must be valued”.

He recalled that among these appointments are those of ministers of the Court, that of the Attorney General of the Republic, of electoral and administrative magistrates.

On the other hand, he celebrated that the majority bench reached an internal agreement on the bill to prohibit the use of glyphosate, which will allow the group to maintain unity.


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