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“I apologize” – Libero Quotidiano

Moments of embarrassment a Today is another day. Guests of the last episode aired on March 7, Paola Quattrini and his daughters. During the interview with Serena Bortone, the actress and voice actress wanted to retrace her career full of curious episodes and anecdotes. But suddenly her voice changed and Bortone was amazed. In fact, Quattrini wanted to send a message to Adriano Celentano.

A message that left the whole studio dumbfounded: “I take this opportunity to apologize to him. I was rude… In recent years I have never apologized to him, I never met him again. I do it now”. the words expressed by Paola Quattrini who worked together with Adriano Celentano in 1969. An artistic and professional moment in which something between her and the singer would go wrong with some misunderstandings.To the point that after so many years, the Quattrini felt the need to apologize and to say something to Celentano. A page to close for Quattrini with apologies.actress she said she was rude and also had aggressive attitudes towards Molleggiato.

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