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“I Shotgunned Beers With Belichick And Brady”: Patriot Turned Wrestler Reveals Lighter Side of Coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick coached and guided numerous players over 24 years as the Patriot’s Head Coach. One such player is Footballer turned Wrestler Top Dolla a.k.a AJ Francis who spent a year on New England’s roster. Francis didn’t have an accomplished NFL career and mainly spent time on practice squads of numerous teams.

However, during his solitary year in Boston, he was fortunate enough to spend time with the greatest coach and greatest QB of all time and made enough memories. Top Dolla sat down with Chris Van Vliet to talk about his transition from football to wrestling. During the conversation, he reminisced about his days in New England.

Francis stated that Bill never gave credence or thought to outside voices. Pushing the negativity down and not caring what people say about you is something he picked up from an 8-time Super Bowl-winning coach. He asserted that Bill is an easygoing guy and fun to talk with. But when he is talking to the media it changes because he dislikes the press for twisting his words. In casual conversation though, he is someone you can have a beer with.

Top Dolla talked about being with Belichick and Brady at the Patriots’ annual Halloween Party hosted by Vince Wilfork at a rink. He stated that Brady is a great person and he once witnessed him and his now ex-wife Giselle enjoying beers, when Bill and Wilfork joined the couple. Wilfork didn’t spare any expense. renting out the whole roller rink with arcade games and laser tag. He said,

” I shotgunned bears with Belichick and Brady and Giselle at the Patriots Halloween Party that Vince Wilfork threw at a skating rink. Brady is just a great dude. When I saw Giselle and Tom shotgunning bears I was like what is happening right now? And then Bill gets involved and Vince is involved. It was a great party.”

It wasn’t the first time someone has shared a little nugget about Brady’s drinking capacity and his ability to mix with everyone when the occasion demanded and enjoy the moment.

Tom Brady and His drinking stories are legendary

Tom Brady avoided everything in his pursuit of excellence. He was able to achieve longevity all thanks to his strict diet and rigid workout routine. Brady’s diet included drinking half of one’s body weight in ounces of water and lots of fruits and vegetables. He followed the 80/20 method, consuming a lot of alkaline food to reduce inflammation. He avoided fast food and beer. However, sometimes he allowed himself to indulge in things he avoided.

Tom once appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show where he showed his competitive spirit and showcased his ability to chug beer. Bardy stated that he was a great beer chugger during his days in college when Colbert goaded him to show if he did that. 7-time Super Bowl got into that competitive spirit and chugged the glass of beer in one go while the audience cheered.

Brady on occasion used to outdrink the offensive linemen. As per the Comeback, Damien Woody, who played center for the Patriots, narrated an incident when TB12 joined the O-Linemen at the bar and out-drank them. Woody stated that it was a ritual for the offensive linemen to go out every Thursday to a bar to grab a bite and Tom would join them. Woody who outweighed Brady by nearly 100 pounds, and drank double-digits of beers was outdrank by 3-time MVP. He said,

“Every Thursday, the offensive line used to go out to eat, you know, after practice and Tom would join us. “And so it just turned into a situation where we just started chugging down beers. It got competitive and he kicked my behind. To this day, it’s life’s greatest mystery”

Brady’s story tells us while it is occasionally fine to indulge in your whims, it is unacceptable to do so whenever your mind desires, especially if you want to achieve success and excellence in life.

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