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‘I Was Like An Older Sister’: Milla Jovovich On Babysitting Bruce Willis’ Kids On The Fifth Element Set

The popular sci-fi film The Fifth Element, starring Bruce Willis, turned 27 on May 7, 2024. With this, the 48-year-old Hollywood actor Milla Jovovich als reached a 30-year milestone in her career, which she found unfathomable.

Ahead of The Fifth Element’s anniversary, Jovovich recalled her “special moment” from the film’s shooting and times spent with Willis’s children– Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah– on the set. She referred to them as “a special family.”

Milla Jovovich recalled her days from filming The Fifth Element

In an interview with People, Jovovich mentioned that Willis was quite older than him at the time of filming The Fifth Element and so she was “more friends” with his kids and Willis’s then-wife Demi Moore. “They would come to visit me,” she said. 

Speaking about “babysitting” Willis’s kids, Jovovich said, “We would listen to music together and dance” which also gave the parents to spend “some mommy daddy time” during the shooting of the film. “I was like an older sister,” she added. 

“They’re so cool, and such wonderful girls,” she said adding how the three girls still keep in touch with Jovovich even after 27 years. “They have such a great relationship with Demi, and I love that. I look at them as a family unit, and I just think it’s really wonderful what they’ve created,” she said.


Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm, and Charlie Creed-Miles in The Fifth Element (1997) (PC: IMDb)

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Milla Jovovich’s role in The Fifth Element and what it meant in her life and career

Directed by French writer-director Luc Besson and primarily set in the 23rd century, the film revolves around Korben Dallas (Willis), a former special forces major and taxi driver, having to save Earth after a young woman (Jovovich) falls into his cab.

Talking about her character in the film Jovovich said, “It was a special moment. It was a special character” while working with the Die Hard actor mattered to her both personally and professionally. She said that it, “would have to be one of those shining moments in my life, in my career as something that really mattered to me as a human and an actress.”

Since her breakthrough in The Fifth Element, Jovovich has carved a filmography dominated by sci-fi and action, among others. Her latest venture includes the sci-fi thriller Breathe which is currently running in theaters and streaming online.   

Other The Fifth Element co-stars keep Bruce Willis in their prayers

Willis, who also shares two more daughters, Mabel Ray, and Evelyn Penn, with his wife Emma Heming Willis, has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). The 69-year-old has retired from acting after a 45-year successful career. The actor’s family disclosed the news in a statement that he experiences other symptoms, including trouble communicating. Even though the family accepted that it is “difficult,” they are grateful for the precise diagnosis.

The fifth Element co-star Chris Tucker also told People earlier, “Of course, I keep him in my prayers. Seeing him was always awesome. I’ll never forget it. Working with him, it was an awesome time.”

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