Aboubakar Soumahoro apologizes. She does it by Corrado Formigli, a A clean sweep. “I paid little attention to what was in my house while I was touring the country”, the words of the deputy who suspended himself from the parliamentary group of the Green-Left Alliance. “I didn’t know anything – he added – if I had been aware of an investigation into the cooperatives managed by my mother-in-law I would not have applied”.

During the broadcast, Soumahoro had the opportunity to respond to the attacks by former colleagues of the Lega Braccianti regarding 56,500 euros which would not have been accounted for on a budget of 220 thousand euros. “I am in a position to produce all the evidence – said Soumahoro – the money was spent on the purchase of food, disinfectant gel, transport, and the remaining 56,800 went in the 2021 financial year. The budget is available on the website of the Labor League”.

The parliamentarian then went on to counterattack: “Those who accuse me today have returned to being part of the Usb, an organization with which I have a dispute, after having joined me in the Lega Braccianti. They went back because they had asked me to give them the money from the donations in the form of a salary. I refused”. Finally Soumahoro denied having ever used the money from the donations to finance his political rise: “Absolutely not, never. In fact, I’ve lost.”

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