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The rescue teams Indonesia They located a seven-year-old girl missing, but lifeless, this, after a day making her way through the rubble left by the earthquake in West Java, lifeguards reported.

During the day before, dozens of rescuers had used digging tools, hammers, or their hands to try and open a path to where they thought Ashika Nur Fauziah, also known as Cika, was.

The operation had focused on the grandmother’s house, opposite her family’s home, where her mother thought she was playing when the earthquake struck, which killed 272 people and especially punished that district in the city of Cianjur.

the little one was found under three layers of concretesaid Jeksen Kolibu, a 28-year-old member of the rescue team.

“The body was immediately handed over to the family,” he explained. “The family was hysterical. They were very sad. The mother was the one who received the body,” she added.

The day before, the mother had explained on the spot that the girl was playing outside and she was cooking when the earthquake struck on Monday.

Ashika Nur Fauziahv's body was rescued by rescuers |  AFP

Ashika Nur Fauziahv’s body was rescued by rescuers | AFP

“Very quickly, in two seconds, my house collapsed,” explained 34-year-old Imas Masfahitah.

Hopes for a happy ending rose after rescue teams found Azka on Wednesday night, a six-year-old boy who survived two days under the rubble without food or water.

Before finding Cika, the authorities explained that there were still 39 people missing and that the rescue operation continued.


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