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Intense cleaning operation guarantees a clean and safe city during Carnival in Macaé | Macaé

Public services work on cleaning to guarantee the second of revelryPhoto: Disclosure

Published 02/11/2024 19:24

Macaé – While the streets are filled with joy during Carnival, the Macaé Deputy Public Services Secretariat carries out a real cleaning operation to keep the city spotless. The significant increase in waste disposal, both by the population and by businesses, demands intense action to ensure that the areas where the festivities are most concentrated are always clean.

Priority locations for the operation include Bar do Coco, Imbetiba, Orla dos Cavaleiros, Glicério and Sana. The secretariat team works daily, following an efficient cleaning schedule, with a special focus on the busiest spaces during the festivities.

In addition to routine cleaning, the Secretariat appeals to the population to avoid taking glass bottles into public spaces, especially on beaches. This measure not only facilitates the cleaning operation, but also contributes to the safety of all partygoers.

Throughout the Carnival holiday, the Deputy Secretariat of Public Services maintains additional teams to meet demand, with extra collection trucks, scales for emergency maintenance and constant sweeping. The strategically designed schedule ensures that the city remains clean, providing a better quality of life for residents and visitors throughout the carnival festivities.

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