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Is Donald Trump inciting a riot? “His real goal”: shocking indiscretions – Libero Quotidiano

The words of Donald Trump, who stated that “next Tuesday I will be arrested” and therefore invited his supporters to mobilize, “let’s demonstrate to take back the country”. A sort of call to arms which, mindful of what happened a Capitol Hill after the election won by Joe Bidenit can only be scary.

And he has his say on the tycoon’s words Moses Naiman internationally renowned political scientist, who was interviewed by Press he explains: “It looks like a preemptive action, Trump prepares the ground in case he is indicted.” And again: “He would not have made that exit if he had been certain that the Manhattan Attorney’s Office had nothing against or against him”. In short, the former president really risks. And “if Trump is indicted, will do anything to break the bankwill break down the barriers of democracy and the American system.”

But what can happen? “I don’t imagine another attack on Capitol Hill“, continues Naim. “But I wouldn’t be surprised, in fact I expect episodes of violence and anger on the streets”. And if Trump is really indicted, will the race for the Republican nomination for the 2024 elections continue? “We are entering a a really complicated field and predictions are difficult”, concludes Naim, outlining a scenario in which, in fact, everything seems possible.

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