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Is Elena Rybakina in a Relationship? Fans Curious About Enigmatic Life of Kazakhstan Star

Elena Rybakina of Kazakhstan won the Abu Dhabi Open 2024, which has officially kickstarted his season. Rybakina is one of the top players in the world and this has made many wonder about her personal life – ‘Is Elena Rybakina in a relationship?’ The 24-year-old player has suddenly hogged all the attention based on a rumor.

The answer to the question, ‘Is Elena Rybakina in a relationship?’ is ‘No’. She is supposedly not in a relationship. In fact, Elena Rybakia has never been in a relationship before, not to public knowledge at least. The rumor about Rybakina’s relationship also took a disturbing turn when news about her dating her coach started circulating in the media. She also, apparently, gave him massages. However, all of this news was hogwash and with no basis.

Elena Rybakina believes she will have plenty of time in her life for personal relationships later. The 2022 Wimbledon winner wants to put all her focus on tennis at the moment and doesn’t want to distract herself. After losing out on the longest tie-breaker at the Australian Open 2024 and losing the match, Rybakina brought back her focus at the Abu Dhabi Open and won the WTA 500 title on Sunday in style.

Rybakina also likes to keep her private life private. Therefore, those asking, ‘Is Elena Rybakina in a Relationship?’ might have to wait for an answer for some time more. Rybakina was born in Moscow to Andre and Ekaterina Rybakina. She has an older sister Anna Rybakina and they both play tennis from a very young age. She initially started with gymnastics and ice skating and then moved to tennis. Here are some FAQs about Elena Rybakina –

Has Elena Rybakina ever won a Grand Slam?

Yes. Elena Rybakina won the 2022 Wimbledon. She defeated Ons Jabeur of Tunisia 3-6, 6-2, 6-2 to win her maiden Grand Slam title.

Which racket does Elena Rybakina use?

Elena Rybakina uses a Yonex VCore 100 Racquet.

Why did Rybakina change her nationality?

Rybakina is originally a Russian but her father opted to make her into a naturalised Kazakhstan citizen since they failed to find sponsors in Russia for boosting Rybakina’s career.

How tall is Elena Rybakina?

Elena Rybakina also attracts attention for her height, which is 6 feet (1.84 m).

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