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Is Jake Borelli Leaving Grey’s Anatomy Next Season? Here's What Report Suggests

Who did Borelli play in the medical drama?

The In Searching actor played Levi Schmit, who entered the series as an intern in the 14th season. The show’s on its 21st season, and Borelli’s character has become a senior resident working with the new group of interns at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Dr Schmitt had diverse storylines on the show, from dealing with trauma after losing a patient to navigating the relationship with fellow doctor Dr. Nico Kim (Alex Landi). This season shows Schmit running into Nico, who is dating another guy and about to welcome a baby via surrogate. 

Moreover, Borelli’s character will always remain close to the show and people’s hearts for its LGBTQ representation. His love story with Nico was the first gay romance between two doctors on the show, which set a precedence for gay characters in prominent fields. 

It’ll be interesting to see how his storyline unfolds and whether the ending does justice to the audience’s beloved character. 


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