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“It Was Not Healthy for Me”: Kelly Stafford Opens Up About Living in Her Husband Matthew Stafford’s Shadows Up Until They Moved to LA

Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, is known for being a straightforward and genuine individual who prioritizes her family over anything. Even though she remained unchanged throughout all these years, she had to endure numerous challenges to become the person she is today. During her most recent TV appearance on Hurrdat Media‘s “Side Piece Podcast,” Kelly discussed the challenges she encountered as the spouse of an NFL star.

Kelly Stafford explained that she used to enjoy conversing and participating in social gatherings. Nevertheless, there came a moment when she realized that certain people were only kind to her in person because she was Matthew Stafford’s wife. After realizing all of this, she saw herself become a shadow of her husband’s persona. So much so that she started choosing to hold back in order to avoid being taken advantage of or tricked by others.

I became reserved for a really long time. And I lived in his shadow for a very long time. And it was not healthy for me.” Kelly added, “When I say ‘live in his shadow,’ like, I just wasn’t myself,”

Kelly stated that her nature, in general, is that of a very chatty individual, and she enjoys socializing, but she started taking a back seat when going to any big events alongside her husband. Even Matthew Stafford observed back then that Kelly was unable to truly be herself.

She began to sense that she was embodying the roles of a wife or a mother, rather than just being herself as “Kelly.” Kelly came to the realization that she was beginning to lose who she was. Moreover, in Michigan, she ceased forming friendships due to her dislike of how she was treated by people.

Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Feels Fortunate That the Family Relocated to LA

In 2021, a major trade sent Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for QB Jared Goff and several draft picks. Kelly Stafford was thrilled by the news. She believes that her family was fortunate to move to LA, and living there has made her life appear more manageable.

Luckily we ended up here, I mean, we could have ended up anywhere. But very lucky that we ended up in LA,” Kelly expressed. “My girls love it, they’re outside all the time. It goes from putting jackets and gloves on four kids to just ‘go outside and play.’ It doesn’t even matter. If they get cold, they throw on a sweatshirt, that’s it.

Kelly and her family have found the change to be very positive, as she is able to have her own space whenever necessary. She expressed hope for her to remain in LA while subtly mentioning Matthew Stafford’s potential retirement due to the QB being 36 and having limited remaining time in the league. Moreover, the family intends to reside in LA once Stafford retires as well. It is indeed wonderful to see Kelly emerge from the shadow she was in and truly start enjoying life.

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