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It would surpass fuel theft from drug trafficking as a business – El Financiero

Fuel theft in Mexico is one of the main problems facing the gasoline and diesel sector, according to businessmen.

“I read in an article that today fuel theft is the second most lucrative business for cartels, after drugs comes fuel theft and they said it will soon surpass it,” said Alejandro Doria, president of Bulkmatic de México.

During the Panel: “Challenges of Companies in the Hydrocarbon Sector”, at the 7th Energy Meeting of the Nuevo León Energy Cluster, the manager stressed that beyond the regulation that the Mexican government imposed that there must be at least 5 days of fuel reserves, there are other more important challenges.

He recalled that the energy reform opened the market; However, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) stopped the opening, which does not give certainty to the investment.

“The quality of fuel, not only is it questioned in Nuevo León (NL), also in the center of the country, where the refineries are located, there is a serious pollution problem, because the government is not capable of regulating the quality of fuel. that burn,” he explained.

Regarding hydrocarbon smuggling, Doria highlighted that, “fuel continues to enter that we do not know its origin or what quality it has or its mixtures, this has already become a quite impressive bomb.”

For his part, César Cadena Cadena, president of the NL Energy Cluster, agreed that currently the main problem with fuel is not supply, but rather insecurity.

“Maybe now the drug business is less dangerous than the fuel business, that is really a real problem, because we must remember that fuel is cash.

“If today I steal a gasoline pipe worth 1 million pesos, nothing happens, but if I steal from an OXXO there is much more risk, many more problems, plus with the theft of gasoline, no one tells me anything, they don’t tell me anything.” They persecute me, I can go and threaten the Service Stations (ES) themselves that if they do not sell my product something will happen to them,” Cadena Cadena explained.

The head of the NL Energy Cluster described that currently we have gone from having a controlled market to one that is “broken” and now even “anarchic.”

“In the United States (US) a study has already been done and they are persecuting it, where they say: if what I exported to you was 100 liters, but what you imported was only 60, it means that those 40 liters did not pay IEPS. .. Thus with a full of 60 thousand liters for 7 pesos, we are talking about half a million pesos of taxes that were not collected, that makes anyone competitive when it comes to offering the product, plus the mixtures.”

The Bulkmatic manager maintained that in addition to insecurity, another of the complexities of the sector is protectionism towards PEMEX.

“Those decisions by PEMEX to continue refining and lowering prices, well, if they reduce prices and you say how you managed to do this, and here there is already an important subsidy,” Doria explained.

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