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‘It’s Our Annual Tradition’: Jimmy Kimmel Jokingly Says His Wife Tries to Avoid Sex Every Valentine’s Day

Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night talk show host, often requests a different type of sugar from his wife, even after receiving his fair share of chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Kimmel recently discussed the romantic traditions he shares with his wife, Molly McNearney, for the holiday in an interview with People Magazine. The interview also touched on Kimmel’s favorite places in Las Vegas ahead of the Super Bowl

“After having kids, our plans on Valentine’s Day have changed,” he says. “Now, we have a family dinner at home, and our tradition is enjoying chocolate fondue afterwards. We melt chocolate and dip fruit into it.” 

He jokes, “Then my wife avoids intimacy. It’s become our yearly tradition.” 

Jimmy Kimmel & Molly McNearney ( Getty Images )

From friendship to safari engagement: Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney’s journey so far 

Kimmel and McNearney worked together on Jimmy Kimmel Live for six years before they started dating. McNearney serves as a writer and executive producer for the show. 

They began dating after being friends while in other relationships. When they were both single, Kimmel cooked McNearney’s favorite food, and they decided to make their relationship official. They got engaged on a safari in Africa and married in 2013 in Ojai, California. In a 2020 podcast, Kimmel mentioned how work often overlaps with his personal life with McNearney.

“One somedays, I wake up with a joke or an idea in the middle of the night. Unable to certain it to myself. I’ll wait until she’s awake and share it with her,” he explained. “In my mind, I justify it because it’s her job too.” 

McNearny and Kimmel have since had two children together: Daughter Jane,9, and son, William “Billy” John, 6. Moreover, the famous TV personality Kimmel has two children from his previous marriage to Gina Kimmel: Katie, 32, and Kevin, 30. 

Jimmy Kimmel & Molly McNearney ( Getty Images )

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Jimmy Kimmel shares Super Bowl traditions with Kevin: From TV to the in-person fan experience

Speaking to PEOPLE, Kimmel shared that he and Kevin have their own Super Bowl traditions. While they usually watch the game on TV, they’ll be attending in person to support their favorite teams this year.

“I have not decided yet on who I want to win,” he said about the upcoming game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. “I might make a bet just before the game. Both teams have their appeal, but I haven’t decided who I’m cheering for yet.” 

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