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J.J. Watt Saw Your Comments About His Bold New Hairstyle

J.J. Watt joined the analyst desk for the CBS halftime show during Super Bowl LVIII, and he picked a bold time to debut a daring new hairstyle. 

Watt and the rest of The NFL Today cast broke down the first half of action between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, but it seems NFL fans were a bit distracted by Watt’s hairdo.

Watt certainly didn’t skimp out on the hair gel before getting in front of the camera for Sunday’s nationally televised broadcast. Rather than rocking his usual neat hairstyle, the 34-year-old boldly opted for a more messy, throwback look. 

There were plenty of jokes made about Watt’s new hairstyle across social media, and he made clear shortly after halftime that he heard what was said, having a laugh at his own expense on X.

Watt was a good sport after his new look wasn’t quite as big a hit as expected, and it seems as if he had a laugh at the jokes made about his bold choice of hairstyle for Super Bowl LVIII.

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