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Ja Morant’s worst-case scenario suspension

Ja Morant is currently serving an unofficial two-game suspension after his gun-toting incident set Instagram and NBA Twitter ablaze. With him said to be away from the team in order to get the help that he needs, just how long exactly the Memphis Grizzlies point guard will miss remains unclear.

But could his punishment from the NBA turn into something much larger than just a handful of games before the playoffs begin for the Grizzlies? That’s one worst-case scenario that still exists and is being looked into, according to NBA insider Chris Haynes. During the latest episode of his This League Uncut podcast alongside fellow insider Marc Stein, Haynes revealed that both the league and law enforcement are looking into a few “elements” that could potentially yield a far more severe suspension for Ja Morant.

“There are a couple of elements that the NBA and law enforcement in Colorado, what they’re trying to investigate or look into. This was done on the road. This was at a club in Denver, I believe. And so there’s questions of did he personally bring the pistol in himself? And then, being on the road, there’s a question as to did he have the pistol on the team plane?”

According to both Haynes and Stein, bringing a firearm onto a team plane is in direct violation of current CBA rules. Stein notes that while having a firearm on team premises violates NBA rules, there is no specific suspension length in the league’s bylaws.

That’s certainly a scenario that Grizzlies fans will dread up until the league reveals the results of its investigation and clear Ja Morant for a return to the court.

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