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Japeri City Hall promotes second day of joint effort in neighborhoods |

The population was able to register for social programs, distribute basic food baskets, among other services.Disclosure/City Hall

Published 02/12/2024 23:35

“Prefeitura em Ação”, a project by Japeri City Hall, had its second day of operation this Monday (12/01). The collective effort, which began on Saturday (10) with deliveries of 128 basic food baskets, registration for social programs and unblocking of drains, was in the Vila Laranjal neighborhood, hit by the rains last Thursday. There he received medical care, blood pressure and blood sugar measurements.

The services were also taken to the Vila Planetária, Parque Aldeia and Grota neighborhoods, with sweeping, mowing on public roads, grass cutting, car smoking and rat control, which took place in the nests and backyards of residents who opened their doors to the agents.

The group’s actions were motivated because the municipality is in a State of Emergency due to the rain that fell in the city for two consecutive weekends. All departments that make up the Municipal Crisis Management Office (GMGC) participated in the work, which was coordinated by Mayor Dr. Fernanda Ontiveros. Since being in Vila Laranjal, last Friday (02/09), the chief executive had already determined special attention to the place. And upon returning this Monday, she followed the work of the teams that registered and distributed basic food baskets and water.

At Vila Planetária, the mayor spoke with residents and spoke about the projects they have for the Chacrinha neighborhood. “I’m here on our second day of a joint effort, as I usually say, of solidarity and reconstruction of our city, in this very difficult time that we are going through, where heavy rains fell on Baixada Fluminense and our city. We are in this task force and we will continue working”, said the manager.

The mayor, who canceled Carnival and the Evangelical Crusade due to the effects of the storms, was also at Wendel Coelho Square. The site was cleaned by three water tankers with around 25 thousand liters of water.

In the Laranjal neighborhood, resident Luiz Edvaldo da Silva, 59 years old, received a visit from professionals. “I almost lost my furniture, but it didn’t happen because I put some bricks in and moved everything out of place. After the rain I even made a barrier so the water wouldn’t rise,” he said.

Veridiana Gonda, 33 years old, born and raised in the same region, had her house invaded by water. “I had a hard time here. I lost the bed, mattress and sofa. I received all the support from social assistance and received the basic food basket. It will help me a lot”, declared the housewife.

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