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John Cena Nearly Takes Down Pitcher in Electric Savannah Bananas Debut

In a collaboration that makes absolutely no sense but also perfect sense at the same time, actor and professional wrestler John Cena debuted for the Savannah Bananas on Saturday.

Cena emerged from the Bananas’ dugout in the home half of an inning during the team’s game in Tampa Bay. 

He strolled up to the plate while his theme song “The Time Is Now” blared over the speakers. After showing off a wrestling championship belt, Cena dug into the batter’s box and took the first pitch for a ball.

A few pitches later, Cena struck out on a fastball down the middle. He charged the mound looking for a fight but ultimately congratulated the opposing pitcher.

Per the game’s announcer, Cena hadn’t played baseball since he was 15 years old. He’ll go down on the stat sheet as 0 for 1 in his debut, but that electric entrance will go down in Bananas history as one of the greatest of all time.

After the game Saturday, the wacky baseball team will continue its 2024 Banana Ball World Tour on Thursday for three games in Peoria, Ariz. 

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