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If you think this is a post on one of the players’ injuries, you’d be mistaken. It’s about clothes, specifically the outfits, or ‘fits, the players wear en route to matches. So much interest is there in the players’ looks that there is an Instagram account devoted to @nflstyle, and the teams routinely post the players stepping off aeroplanes or striding into stadiums in some of the world’s top luxury brands, showing off their #tunnelstyle.

Remember, these guys make some serious coin, so they can afford some serious clothes.

Unlike our AFL or NRL players, who rarely crack “best dressed” lists, the men of the NFL regularly make the cover of magazines such as GQ.

While many eyes are, naturally, on Travis Kelce (and a certain musical girlfriend of his), plenty of players today are known for their finer points of style.

Last year’s most noteworthy outfit: Chiefs’ wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster arriving for the 2023 Super Bowl in a kilt by Thom Browne.

Who will be crowned best dressed today?

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