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Kevin Garnett’s bold take will catch Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jrue Holiday’s attention

The Milwaukee Bucks have firmly cemented themselves as the team to beat since the All-Star break, and with stars in Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jrue Holiday, and Khris Middleton leading the way, they are going to be a tough team to beat down the stretch of the season. While many folks regard Antetokounmpo as the star of the team, that didn’t stop Kevin Garnett from coming in with a flaming hot take.

Garnett is always going to speak his mind, and he certainly did as much on a recent episode of KG Certified while talking with his former Boston Celtics teammate Paul Pierce. Garnett went as far as to say that he believes that Holiday is the best player on Milwaukee right now, which Pierce strongly disagreed with. The discussion between the two Celtics legends will surely go on to catch the attention of both Antetokounmpo and Holiday.

Kevin Garnett believes that, since Holiday has been the main guy leading the charge for the Bucks this season with Antetokounmpo and Middleton missing time with injuries, he’s been the team’s best player. But when both of these guys play, it’s clear that Antetokounmpo makes a far greater impact than anyone on the Bucks, which is what Pierce is trying to tell Garnett.

Regardless, both guys have been phenomenal for Milwaukee this season, and their strong play is a big reason why they have the best record in the NBA currently. Assuming they can both stay healthy and keep up their strong level of play well into the playoffs, it’s safe to declare the Bucks as the team to beat this year, regardless of who you may think their best player is.

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