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Lakers Want Next Coach To Be Like Erik Spoelstra And Steve Kerr And Stay For The Next 5-7 Years

The Lakers are searching for a head coach who can provide stability and leadership for the franchise in the coming years, similar to the tenures of coaches like Erik Spoelstra and Steve Kerr. Lakers insider Jovan Buha emphasized the importance of finding a coach who can not only guide the team through the remainder of LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ era but also grow with the franchise and establish a long-term presence.

“This is a person who will not only shepherd the end of the LeBron Ad era, be it another year, another 2 years, 3 years on the longer side.”

“Ideally for the Lakers, this would be a coach who can grow with the franchise and be there for a long time and provide some level of stability and be the next Eric Spoelstra or the next Steve Kerr or the next Michael Malone and be a bedrock for the franchise and be a coach that can be there 5,7,10, 12 years this is a really big decision.”

“I think this is the biggest decision of the Lakers off season because it not only affects this upcoming season but really the direction of the franchise for the foreseeable future. I don’t think that this is a situation where the Lakers would pull the plug after a year and probably not even after two years necessarily.”

“I mean I think things would really have to go wrong for them to move on from this next coach that quickly again… I think the Lakers would like to stabilize the position and find a coach who can not only lead LeBron and AD for the next couple years but also lead the franchise down the road and be a long-term option at the position so they are trying to balance short-term with long-term now.” (1:49)

Buha highlighted the significance of this decision, stating that it could shape the direction of the franchise for the foreseeable future. The Lakers aim to find a coach who can serve as a bedrock for the organization, akin to the likes of Spoelstra and Kerr, who have enjoyed successful and enduring coaching stints with their respective teams.

The Lakers’ desire for stability is evident, as Buha noted that they are seeking a coach who can potentially lead the team for five, seven, or even more years. This approach reflects a departure from recent coaching changes, where the Lakers have experienced turnover despite achieving success under previous coaches.

While acknowledging that coaching decisions can be influenced by performance, Buha suggested that the Lakers are looking to avoid short-term solutions. Despite the precedent set by recent coaching changes, the Lakers appear committed to finding a coach who can provide continuity and longevity to the position.

The Lakers’ quest for a coach to lead them into the future coincides with recent reports indicating James’ desire to extend his tenure with the team for two additional seasons. Additionally, the Lakers are reportedly considering drafting Bronny James, LeBron’s son, if he is available in the upcoming draft.  

Amidst these developments, the Lakers are going to conduct interviews with coaching candidates, including JJ Redick, Kenny Atkinson, and two other potential options. This demonstrates their commitment to finding the right fit for the organization, someone who can not only navigate the current roster but also adapt to potential changes in the future.

Ultimately, the Lakers’ search for their next head coach represents a balancing act between short-term success and long-term stability. By prioritizing a coach who can guide the team through the LeBron and Davis era while also laying the groundwork for future success, the Lakers hope to secure a leader who can shape the franchise’s trajectory for years to come.

LeBron James Likely To Get No-Trade Clause If He Re-Signs With The Lakers

The Lakers’ approach to LeBron James‘ contract negotiations underscores their commitment to retaining him as a cornerstone of the franchise. According to Lakers insider Jovan Buha, the team is prepared to offer LeBron whatever type of contract he desires, whether it’s a short-term deal or a longer-term extension.

“All indications are that the Lakers are willing to offer LeBron James whatever type of contract he wants. If he wants to opt out and resign for a year, two years, three years they are willing to do that.”

“If he wants to opt in and extend they are willing to do that as well and they’re willing to do it for the maximum amount of money uh so if he opts in and extends that would be for three years and $164 million.”

“If he opts out and resigns that would be for three years $162 million so that is a $2 million difference but the advantage of opting out and resigning is that he would get a no-trade clause which would obviously be a nice thing to have especially if things go south at some point over the next year or two LeBron can dictate his future with the Lakers uh and just his future in the league in general.” (9:02)

If LeBron opts to opt out and re-sign, the Lakers are willing to offer him a lucrative three-year contract worth $162 million. Alternatively, if he chooses to opt in and extend, the deal would be slightly more valuable at $164 million over three years. While the financial difference between the two options is minimal, there’s an important caveat to consider.

Opting out and re-signing would grant LeBron a coveted no-trade clause, providing him with greater control over his future with the Lakers and potentially in the league at large. This clause would allow LeBron to dictate his own fate, safeguarding against the possibility of being traded against his wishes, especially if circumstances within the organization were to change unexpectedly.

For LeBron, having a no-trade clause offers a sense of security and stability, ensuring that he can continue to lead the Lakers and pursue his goals without concern for external factors. It provides him with peace of mind and the assurance that he’ll have a say in his future trajectory, regardless of any fluctuations in the team’s dynamics or performance.

The Lakers’ willingness to accommodate LeBron’s preferences speaks to the value they place on his contributions both on and off the court. As one of the greatest players in NBA history, LeBron’s presence transcends his on-court performance, bringing leadership, experience, and a winning mentality to the organization.

Ultimately, LeBron’s contract negotiations with the Lakers represent a pivotal moment for both parties, with the potential to shape the team’s trajectory for years to come. As they navigate these discussions, the Lakers are prioritizing LeBron’s desires and ensuring that he remains a central figure in their plans for success.

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