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Landim backtracks on Igor Coronado situation | Fabrício Lopes

Igor Coronado is one of Al-Ittihad’s main highlightsDisclosure/Al-Ittihad

Published 05/02/2024 05:11 | Updated 05/02/2024 05:13

It is not new that Rodolfo Landim, president of Flamengo, has been asked to take action regarding the football department. The situations that occurred throughout 2023, within the club, are increasingly weighing against Marcos Braz’s continuity at the club and now even supporters of the vice-president of football themselves are demanding his departure.

Marcos Braz remains attentive to the market to reinforce Flamengo - Internet Reproduction
Marcos Braz remains attentive to the market to reinforce FlamengoInternet Reproduction

Fight with Gabigol in the locker room, the punch of Sampaoli’s physical trainer on Pedro, and the alleged attack on a fan in a shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro, are some of the reasons why Rodolfo Landim’s supporter base has been demanding Marcos Braz’s departure.

Landim managed to get around the situation well, explaining himself with his political base until now. However, the political conspiracy that has been formed by Eduardo Bandeira de Melo, allying himself with and gaining support from important figures within the club, has made Landim lose strength in Braz’s defense.

Luiz Eduardo Baptista, Gustavo Oliveira, Rodolfo Landim, Rodrigo Dunshee, members of the Flamengo board - Photo: Marcelo Cortes
Luiz Eduardo Baptista, Gustavo Oliveira, Rodolfo Landim, Rodrigo Dunshee, members of Flamengo’s board of directorsPhoto: Marcelo Cortes

Many of Landim’s supporter base understand that Braz has become the management’s weak link due to the successive mistakes in Flamengo’s locker room and the countless problems that the manager has been bringing to the club. The images of what happened at the mall contradict the vice-president’s reports and make public opinion inside and outside the club see Braz as a negative aspect of the management.

Landim has also been accused of his lack of positioning on the images and his supporter base realizes that Braz is dragging him to the bottom of the well, giving way to Bandeira’s growth behind the scenes at the club.

The red-black president fears replacing Braz as head of football and losing strength in the transfer window. There are still ongoing negotiations and it is precisely the vice-president of football who personally handles each of them.

However, some actions may take place to please your supporter base and soften the management’s image. One of the actions would be to hire a football director for the club. This feat has always been vetoed by Marcos Braz, but now it can serve as a political idol.

Hiring of Igor Coronado

Another attitude that can be changed to soften the management’s image is the hiring of midfielder Igor Coronado. The player was offered to the club, which was quick to reject him, which caused great surprise on the part of the red and black fans, mainly due to Braz’s insistence on names like Evander and Gregore, players admittedly technically inferior compared to Igor Coronado.

Igor Coronado is Al-Ittihad's number 10 - Disclosure / Al-Ittihad
Igor Coronado is Al-Ittihad’s number 10Disclosure / Al-Ittihad

There will be a meeting this Monday involving the club’s football council, where they will discuss the best strategy for management to stop losing political strength within the club. The idea is to create palliatives that please and quell the complaints of management supporters who are beginning to think about switching sides in their preference for the manager for the next three years at the club.

Even Marcos Braz’s supporter base has been breaking up and switching sides. Landim knows that he needs to act quickly or he will run the risk of not making his successor at the end of the year and still seeing his strongest opponent in charge of the club.

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