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Latest Leaks Suggest EA FC 25 Will Feature an Overhauled AI but Fans Think Otherwise

EA FC 24 is nearing its end, as there are just a few months left before EA Sports replaces it with its successor. The soccer games by Electronic Arts are usually released around late September. Although the developers haven’t made any announcement related to EA FC 25 as of yet, rumors about it have already begun surfacing on the internet.

The X user Donk Trading, a renowned Ultimate Team trader, recently shared that the AI will be overhauled for EA FC 25. The upcoming soccer game will have more intelligent AI players, who adapt better to a match and make better tactical adjustments. The Pro Club’s AI will be drastically improved, and the players will remember past events.

Other than the rumors of an overhauled AI, there isn’t much information about EA FC 25 as of the present. We will definetly see new players and team rosters, as a lot of transfer market activity is going on in real life. Additionally, some of the players with a generic face might get a real game face, and the upcoming EA FC may incorporate new animations for goal celebrations and running styles.

Fans speculate EA FC 25 would feel the same

Despite the rumors, fans speculate the upcoming EA FC 25 will feel the same as FC 24. A Reddit user named Impressive_Pace_4315 shared Donk Trading’s tweet and claimed how leaks about the changes in the next year’s game begin surfacing around this time. However, they are nothing more than “eyewash”.

The Reddit user believes Electronic Arts can’t overhaul their game, especially when they introduced many new animations and features in EA FC 24 itself. Impressive_Pace_4315 also pointed out that developing the game from scratch will take over a year, and the American giants might not have enough resources to do so in such a short period.

Aside from doubting the rumors, the Reddit user believes the developers pay for these leaks to promote the new game. He further asked others not to trust any upcoming rumors until they get to witness it in the game. Other fans also agreed with this Reddit post, claiming EA will make many promises but end up delivering a disappointing title.

Fans are not wrong to doubt such leaks since EA Sports is known for not making drastic changes to their soccer simulation titles. However, they should take the rumors of an overhauled AI with some salt, and should instead wait for official announcements in the coming months.

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