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Layda Sansores dismisses Antonio Santiago, director of the Campeche State Police – El Financiero

The governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores San Románthrough a video message published on their social networks announced the dismissal of the director of the State Preventive Police, Antonio Saradán Santiago Solís, as well as the Undersecretary of the Penitentiary System for Prevention and Social Reintegration, Natasha Bidault Minszek; and Melissa García, director of Victim Care, who were denounced on several occasions as arbitrary.

Ángel Naal Moo will be the Director of the Campeche Police from today on a temporary basis until the police elements appoint the permanent Director and the new director of Victim Care. whose only requirements will be that they have proven moral quality.

Layda Sansores said that from the beginning of the strike He called on the police to establish a dialogue table, “which leaders who have kidnapped a legitimate movement have refused.”

For this reason, he said, he ordered the removal of the director of the State Preventive Police and the Undersecretary of the Penitentiary System for Prevention and Social Reintegration, who were directly involved during the operation that was carried out at the San Francisco Koben Social Rehabilitation Center, to control the riot of dissatisfied inmates over the transfer of federal inmates.

Likewise in that video message, the governor of Campeche He called on all parties to approach public security institutions and be willing to engage in dialogue, “it is evident that it is electoral time, and we have parties and actors who intend to dynamit the dialogue and harm our state.”

And he asked the Police Force not to allow “them to use them” and contaminate their movement and he urged the people of Campeche not to be fooled and reiterated his conviction to act with evidence and with the truth, which is what he said defines it.

She assured that she is not moved by anyone’s interests and that she only seeks the well-being of the state and the people of Campeche.

He announced that he will later publish on his networks the response to the request that from the first day of the strike it was made known to the police officers to improve their work and provide them with all the implements they require for their safety in their daily actions.

Their requests are respected in this request document.

Finally, Layda Sansores said that her Government will not fall into provocationand that he will not rest to summon the police to a dialogue table to rebuild together the brotherhood and hope that has always characterized the people of Campeche.

In this way, Layda responds to the police officers who were complacent because they were sent to the Koben prison to control a riot without the proper equipment, which resulted in police officers being beaten and inmates injured.

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