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Leaked Audio Shows Draymond Green Disrespectfully Trash-Talking Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, And Jusuf Nurkic

Draymond Green isn’t easy to deal with, as the former Defensive Player of the Year can be rude to opponents as he tries to get into their heads through his words and actions. He succeeded during the Suns vs. Warriors game, where Draymond was seen trash-talking Kevin Durant and Jusuf Nurkic, also prompting Devin Booker to get involved. 

Draymond Green: “F*ck out of here, pu**y a** n****” 

Jusuf Nurkic: “You’re the one pushing me” 

Green’s aggressive play would lead to another foul, prompting Devin Booker to send some words to Green.

Devin Booker: “Draymond, sit your a** down.” 

After continuously trash-talking Nurkic, Green also sent some words in former teammate Kevin Durant’s way. After the final possession where Draymond managed to stop KD from getting the ball for a miracle shot, Green mocked Durant.

Draymond Green to Kevin Durant: “It’s me, n****! Pu**y.” 

The game ended 113-112 in Golden State’s favor after an incredible game-winning three from Stephen Curry. Draymond put up 15 points, seven rebounds, and nine assists in a game where many believed he outclassed Nurkic in the center matchup.

Nurkic was whining about Green’s behavior after the game, saying he didn’t deserve a second chance by the NBA. The last Suns vs. Warriors game this season is what led to Draymond getting suspended for punching Nurkic.  

“It’s sad. He didn’t learn anything, man. Just a matter of time, he gonna knock somebody else again. So, (I) take everything back what I said. He don’t deserve a chance.”

When Draymond and Nurkic got into their scuffle last time and Dray was suspended indefinitely as a result, very few people took Green’s side in the matter. This time, most people are calling Nurkic a sore loser who was hurt by Draymond’s words. 

Trash-talk is a part of the game, but Nurkic’s response to what happened shows he might not be built for that aspect of the game.

Draymond Green Responded To The Suns And Nurkic

Draymond didn’t see Nurkic’s quote against him after the game and would later take to social media to respond. Green questioned why Nurkic was trying to restrict Draymond from getting a second chance in the NBA, wondering if it was because he outplayed Nurkic thoroughly. 

“What did I do to not deserve a chance? Severely outplay you? I should’ve hopped on ©draymondshow tonight. This is madness.”

In the post-game press conference, Draymond got a direct shot at Nurkic wanting him to be quiet. Green said he’ll never be quiet on the court like Nurk is because ‘quiet guys never win’.

“I thought I was pretty great tonight honestly. He tried to get in my head, it didn’t work. If he wants me to walk around quiet like him I’m never gonna do that. Quiet guys don’t win. So, I thought I was pretty great tonight. He can keep riding the same horse he rode in on and he can ride the same horse on his way out of here, it isn’t working.”

The Suns and Warriors would make for a fantastic playoff matchup but it’s unlikely both teams meet in the early rounds of the playoffs. Phoenix is currently No. 6 in the West while the Warriors are No. 11. A play-in matchup could be possible if Golden State jumps Utah while New Orleans or Dallas jump Phoenix and send the Suns into the play-in tournament. 

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