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Leaked Audio Shows Fiery Trash Talk Between Jaylen Brown And Duncan Robinson After Flagrant Foul

Jaylen Brown and Duncan Robinson intensely disagreed on the court last night. During the Celtics’ win over the Heat, Robinson, and Brown got tangled up in a hard foul ruled a flagrant against Jaylen, who aggressively responded to Duncan playing hard defense and locking arms with him, which could have led to injury when Brown tried pulling away.

The audio of their on-court interaction has leaked, as the pair got aggressive with each other. 

Duncan Robinson: “Hey, get off me.”

Jaylen Brown: “What the f**k is your problem? Why’d you do that sh*t?”

Duncan Robinson: “Don’t do that sh*t, f*ck out of here” 

Brown then argued with the ref and implored him to call the first foul, while Robinson kept saying that the referee’s call was correct.

Jaylen Brown: “ Get out of my face. Get out of my face. Get out of my face. What are you gonna do about it?” 

Duncan Robinson: “You’re not like that”

The foul that led to this conversation was ruled against Jaylen Brown as he responded with force when Robinson locked arms with him. We’ve seen Kyrie Irving get his shoulder dislocated in a similar situation, so this probably should have been a double technical or even a Heat foul given Duncan initiated the contact.

Brown had the last laugh as the Celtics walked away with a 110-106 win to sweep the season series against the Heat. Brown put up 20 points on 50.0% shooting in the game while Robinson had 15 points on 45.5% from the field.

This was the first major on-court spat between the players, as there hasn’t been a sign of beef in their previous playoff battles against each other.

Jaylen Brown And Duncan Robinson Threw Shots In The Media

Both players were asked about the play after the game, with Brown lambasting Duncan for making the move intentionally, not wanting to play defense, and claiming he’ll never try that again.

“I think he (Duncan Robinson) knew exactly what he was doing there. Trying to get tangled up, etc., because he didn’t wanna play defense. They called the foul, but he was still trying to hang on, and I was trying to get my arm free… I don’t know what he was trying to do, but I bet you he won’t do it again.”

Robinson responded harshly as well, calling it a dirty play by Brown and deeming it dangerous, unnecessary, and excessive.

“I just thought it was a dirty play, to be honest with you. That’s how people miss entire seasons. Those types of plays, you’ve seen throughout the history of the NBA, guys suffer bad injuries from that. I thought it was dangerous, unnecessary, and excessive.”

This is a new chapter in the Heat vs. Celtics rivalry with both players seeming indifferent to each other before this. The Celtics are 41-12 and the clear-cut best team in the East while the Heat are trying to overcome another injury-riddled season, currently sitting at 28-25.

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