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Let us evaluate, then

No president has intervened in the electoral process like López Obrador is doing now. He, who complained so much about Vicente Fox that he barely mentioned it, has directly attacked the opposition candidate, and he does so again now in the book that appears under his name these days. Every day he promotes his government, and occasionally his candidate, whom he has forgotten a lot about, because only himself fits in his mind. A week ago he presented his list of reforms, which he soon announced have an electoral purpose.

His insistence on participating in the elections forces him to evaluate his government. Not his promises, which abound, but his results. We can start with security, which he promised would improve as soon as he took office. It was not like that, as we all know. On the contrary, violence has grown, although now we must add the statistics in which they have sought to hide the homicides. The growth of territorial control by crime is also a flagrant fact. Already all of Guerrero and Zacatecas, a good part of Michoacán, Chiapas, Jalisco, the State of Mexico, Veracruz. Daily there is news of violence due to collection of fees, settling of accounts, attacks on the Armed Forces.

In the face of growing violence, the “hugs, not bullets” strategy sounds absurd, but the reports by ProPública and InsightCrime make sense of it. López Obrador is upset by the evidence of money from organized crime in his campaigns, but he does not go beyond insulting and disqualifying. When he has traveled to the cradle of Sinaloa Cartel On so many occasions, and with such closeness, it takes more than that to believe him. When the National Guard has been, for five years, a pale shadow of the Federal Police it replaced, suspicions are well-founded.

Let’s continue with the issue of corruption, which he has faced with a white handkerchief, and nothing more. It has been the most opaque government since the days of the single party. He has not allowed the Institute for Access to Information to operate, he has attacked the Superior Audit of the Federation and he has disqualified all journalistic investigations in which his friends, family, children are mentioned, doing business worth billions of pesos. with the unnecessary, but very expensive, works that he promoted. There are more than well-founded suspicions here.

Let’s now look at the issue of health, for which it proposes free treatment in the future. It was his government that destroyed the consolidated purchasing system, causing shortages of medicines and materials. It was his government that ended Seguro Popular, condemning to death hundreds of patients who could not continue their treatment, because Insabi was not a substitute for insurance. They had to eliminate that institute, because it was of no use, and invent an appendix to the IMSS that does not cover what is really important: catastrophic diseases for which Seguro Popular was a great remedy. As if that were not enough, in an occurrence worthy of a psychiatric hospital, López Obrador invented a huge pharmacy, which is huge only in cost.

Space is running out, but errors are not: a drop of more than 20% in the value of the electrical industry; a refinery that can never be paid for; almost two billion pesos to rescue Pemex, which has already been practically classified as garbage; large increases in the minimum wage that have been reflected in a growth in real wages similar to that of Calderón’s six-year term, which was the worst of the century; the largest public deficits since the eighties, when we lived in permanent crisis.

The megalomaniac will assume that all this is eclipsed by the monthly handouts. He will truly believe in the popularity that his paid pollsters pretend to him, the same ones that affirm that their candidate is going to win and that she can even aspire to a qualified majority in Congress. From a psychiatric hospital, I tell him.

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