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“Look me in the face and answer me” – Libero Quotidiano

The Fazio case still holds ground. Accomplices the resignation of Lucia Announced, Myrta Merlin he goes back to talking about Rai and the new political balance. Nevertheless Maurizio Gasparri, guest of the episode de The Air That Blows on La7, remember that both are gone of their own free will. Or rather, “because they obviously fetch more”. Fabio Fazio in fact moves to Discovery where he has signed a dizzying four-year contract.

For this “in recent days I presented in the Commission of Rai surveillance a question to find out how much the expenses incurred by Rai for the guests of the show amounted to What’s the weather like, conducted by Fabio Fazio, both for each episode and over the course of the entire season”. Result? “With great amazement I read the answer that Rai sent me, through the Supervisory Commission. In fact, justifying itself with the fact that the program is produced under contract with the company ‘l’Officina’, Rai has not provided any data on these fees, speaking exclusively of a lump sum budget unquantified”.

The Senator of Forza Italia defines it as “one puzzling answer, omertosa and for which there is no justification”. Hence the appeal to the person concerned: “Fazio, look me in the face and answer me. Why doesn’t Fazio disclose the fees he pays to guests, authors and collaborators?”. And, making matters worse:” A Rai program isn’t a secret lodge. Fazio make an operation of transparency. He will bring the issue to the Supervisory Committee “because” we want to know and we will not accept yet evasive answers from Rai “.

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