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Luísa Sonza calls Pai de Santo to the stage and pays homage to religion | Daniel Nascimento

During her performance at the Recife Carnival, at Marco Zero, Luísa Sonza surprised by openly addressing her religion. The singer invited the afoxés Ogbom Obá and Oxum Pandá to participate in the show. Thus, the celebrity shared with the public her connection with African spirituality.

“We decided together to pay homage to my orixá Oxum”, said the famous woman. During the event, songs and prayers were performed led by the father Vevé de Xangô, husband of the yabasé Carmem Virginia. The moment was marked by requests for blessings for Recife and for Luísa Sonza herself.

Luísa Sonza sought to pay tribute, highlighting her relationship with the city and the presence of the pai de santo, with whom she has had a spiritual connection for years. The singer explained that the decision to honor the orixá Oxum was made together with her saintly father.

On social media, the tribute became a topic: “Ora yê yê ô! Hail mother Oxum! Hail to the queen of fresh water, owner of rivers, lakes and waterfalls!”, celebrated a fan. “I think we need to respect all religions! Every scary comment,” said another.

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