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“Mahomes Don’t Say That Man”: Fans Astounded on Patrick Mahomes’ Remark on Tom Brady After Winning Third Super Bowl

With Patrick Mahomes at the helm, the Kansas City Chiefs secured their third Super Bowl victory in just five years. The star shot-caller has undoubtedly become the face of the franchise, poised to be remembered as their greatest quarterback in decades to come. Yet, the question remains: Is he prepared to match seven-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady’s legacy?

At 28, the quarterback has plenty of ground to cover before he can truly challenge TB12’s record. However, with his age and mindset, many are tipping him to be the next Brady. During his post-game interview with CBS on Sunday, Mahomes himself addressed this comparison, but his response left the football community baffled.

The two-time MVP acknowledged the comparisons and expressed that they come with a certain level of difficulty for him. He reflected on the fact that Brady had defeated him in Super Bowl LV, a reality that he feels will always be a sore point for him. Mahomes stated,

“Yeah, I hear it. But to me, it’s always going to be tough because Brady beat me in the Super Bowl. That’s one thing he’ll always have on my head.”

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A majority of NFL fans were amazed by Mahomes’ statement and applauded his humility, while others were quick to note that the Chiefs QB will never measure up to Brady’s level. A fan who couldn’t believe his ears expressed, “Mahomes don’t say that man

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Another chimed in and stated, “Mahomes could win 10 rings and Brady would still clear him…

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This fan said, “Brady didn’t just beat him, he embarrassed him.

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However, these fans didn’t feel the same way, as one of them remarked, “So humble

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Another social media user mentioned, “Patrick “my homie” Mahomes .

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Another optimistic fan said, “He definitely is worthy of the discussion. Especially at this pace, but he still has a long way to go. Lol that’s how crazy of a career Tom had. Now Mahomes has to have what he just did all over again, and he still will have to win 1 more

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In Super Bowl LV, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes went head-to-head. It was Brady’s remarkable 10th Super Bowl appearance, while it was second for Mahomes as a second-year starter for the Chiefs. Despite Mahomes’ talent, Brady’s experience proved too much, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers triumphed over the Kansas City Chiefs with a score of 31-9. Brady also defeated Mahomes in the AFC championship two years prior.

Now that the Patriots legend has retired, Mahomes feels he has missed his chance to challenge him in another Super Bowl, believing Brady will always be one step ahead. The Chiefs QB stated,

“It gives me something to strive for every single day. It’s chasing greatness. Whenever I’m tired and I don’t want to work out, I know that I have to do it in order to be in these moments like this.”

The defeat haunts his mind, and the Chiefs’ QB sees it as a constant reminder to achieve greatness, motivating him to push himself every single day. Even on days when he may feel tired or demotivated, Mahomes recognizes the necessity of putting in the work, knowing it is essential for him to experience moments of success like winning championships.

Comparison of Tom Brady’s and Patrick Mahomes’ First Six Seasons as Starting Quarterbacks

In his six seasons as a starting QB, Patrick Mahomes has made consecutive playoff appearances since 2018. He boasts four Super Bowl appearances, with three rings, four AFC Conference championship wins, and two MVP titles, along with three Super Bowl MVP titles. In seven seasons, he’s thrown for 28,424 yards, 219 touchdowns, and 63 interceptions, with a winning record of 74-22.

In contrast, Tom Brady, after a year as a backup in 2000, began as a starter in 2001. In his first six seasons, he secured three Super Bowl Championships in three appearances, with five playoff appearances and three Conference Championship wins. Brady also earned two Super Bowl MVP titles. During his six seasons as a starter, Brady recorded 21,558 yards, 147 touchdowns, and 78 interceptions.

Comparing their first six seasons, Mahomes matches Brady’s Super Bowl wins but surpasses him in Super Bowl appearances, conference championship wins, regular season and Super Bowl MVP titles, and overall stats. Mahomes is undoubtedly performing better. However, the question remains whether he can maintain Brady’s consistency and potentially win eight Super Bowl titles to surpass Brady’s record.

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