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Man is beaten to death in Cabo Frio; three suspects are arrested | Rio de Janeiro

Case was registered at the 126th DP (Cabo Frio)Disclosure

Published 02/11/2024 1:45 pm

Cabo Frio – A man, identified as Rodrigo Canust Pereira, was attacked to death in Praia do Forte, in Cabo Frio, in the Lagos Region, on Saturday night (10). Three suspects for the crime were arrested.

According to the Military Police, men from the 25th BPM (Cabo Frio) observed a disagreement between some people. Firstly, three men were arrested for assault.

The victim, however, had to be rescued by the Fire Department and taken to the hospital. At the hospital, his death was confirmed. The three men were charged with the crime of qualified homicide for futile reasons.

Rodrigo’s body was sent to the region’s Legal Medical Institute (IML) and the case was sent to court.

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