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Manu Ginobili Made A Hilarious Wish After Watching Usher At The Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show

The biggest sports spectacle in North America just took place, as the Super Bowl LVIII marks the end of this year’s NFL season. The Halftime Show is often the biggest draw for casual fans, seeing superstars such as Beyonce, Rihanna, The Weeknd, and more perform in recent years. This year’s performance was done by R&B icon, Usher.

Usher would take his shirt off during the performance, prompting four-time NBA champion Manu Ginobili to tweet his desire to be buffed like Usher at the age of 45.

In a few years when I turn 45, I would love to be buffed like Usher…

Ginobili doubled down on the joke, quickly tweeting that he also wishes he had Usher’s hairline.

“Also his hairline…”

Ginobili is joking, as he is already 46 years old. Fans in the NBA saw Ginobili lose his hair throughout his NBA career, but his game is too iconic for anyone to care if he was bald or not. As Michael Jordan made sure, being bald in the NBA is extremely cool. Jordan made being bald in general cool.

The halftime show was incredible, but the actual Super Bowl delivered in more ways than fans anticipated. The game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers went to OT where the KC Chiefs narrowly pulled out the 25-22 win led by Patrick Mahomes. They’re the first back-to-back champions since 2004 and this is their third Super Bowl win in the last four seasons.

LeBron James Was In Attendance For The Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl was held in Las Vegas and it brought out stars from around the world. While some of the biggest names in pop culture like Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, Post Malone, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, and Beyonce were in attendance, the NBA’s biggest superstar was also there. 

LeBron James was seen by cameras as one of the celebrities in attendance, but the four-time champion kept a low profile. James was joined by his close friend and agent Rich Paul as well as Draymond Green.

LeBron has been taking an active step into the promotion of sports betting with the NFL. It started with him sharing daily picks for his fans on social media and has since become an actual partnership with DraftKings, as James uses his picks to further fuel bettors. 

LeBron has been a massive NFL fan throughout his career. While his team allegiances often confuse fans, he brings a lot of passion to this sport as well. He was a multi-sport athlete in high school before committing to basketball, which will always leave a ‘what-if?’ regarding an athlete of LeBron’s caliber possibly dominating the NFL in the same way he dominated the NBA.

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