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Maria Bethânia refuses to participate in an interview and becomes a meme on the web: ‘Leave me in my corner’ | The Day in the Folia

Maria Bethânia did not want to participate in an interview at the Globo studio and preferred to just watch the parade on siteReproduction/TV Globo

Published 02/13/2024 04:07 | Updated 02/13/2024 04:09

Rio – Singer and songwriter Maria Bethânia refused to participate in an interview during the Mangueira parade, in the early hours of Tuesday (13), and ended up becoming a meme on the web. The artist was invited to enter the studio of ‘TV Globo‘, inside Sapucaí, but ended up running away from live interviewers.

“Leave me in my corner”, asked the singer. Despite not participating in the interview, Bethânia was filmed watching the end of the green and pink parade, which also didn’t seem very to her liking. Not long after, she left the box without speaking to anyone.

On social media, internet users echoed and even made memes about the singer’s attitude, who remained silent in front of the broadcaster’s cameras.

“Simply Maria Bethânia breaking the fourth wall, at 3 am on Globo,” wrote one internet user, referring to the artist’s gaze at the camera.

“Yesterday we saw Paola Oliveira become a jaguar, today we saw Maria Bethânia become a caracará!”, joked another internet user.

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