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Metropolitan Airport System fails two years after starting – El Financiero

The Metropolitan Airport System (SMA)which sought to integrate the simultaneous operation of the air ports of CDMX, Toluca and Felipe Ángeles, after the cancellation of the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM), It failed two years after its implementation, due to lack of connectivity, focused air supply and the government’s orientation to privilege Saint Lucia.experts warned.

Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) has received all kinds of incentives to absorb passenger demand in the center of the country; despite the fact that the government’s favorite air port has not been able to capture the flights that, by decree, had to stop being made in the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

“The Felipe Ángeles has not been able to capture the flights that were eliminated in the AICM and “The airlines have maintained flights there, but without a real focus on the long term to make the market,” he said. Fernando Gómez Suárez, Independent analyst of the airline sector.

From March 2022date on which the SMA began operations, Saint Lucia accumulates 3.8 million passengers transported, which is equivalent to what the AICM moves in a month.

On the other hand, the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) reported that the AIFA represents 2.1 percent of the total passengers who flew to and from Mexico in January.

“The Metropolitan System has not served because it lacks integration. Even flights in Toluca were frozen,” added Gómez Suárez.

Furthermore, for more than a decade, the Toluca airport has been underutilized, but The federal government tried to reactivate it through incentives for airlines, at the same time taking advantage of the capacity of 8 million passengers to try to desaturate the airspace and the AICM terminals. That has not been possible, because Only seven destinations are connected from Toluca.

Although the Metropolitan Airport System has not been able to consolidate, the government has reactivated its intention to acquire the Toluca airport In its whole to be controlled by the Navy, which has already appointed the general director and an administrator to improve its conditions.

“In Toluca, Volaris and Viva Aerobus only arrive with very few flights, new routes will be authorized, we have just received it. Toluca has a different problem than the others“It belongs to the State of Mexico and to a company, we still do not own the airport, it takes time and is a very complicated legal aspect,” he said. Carlos Velázquez Tiscareñoformer director of the AICM and who was responsible for the incorporation of airports into the control of the Navy.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has indicated that Negotiations are underway with the government of the State of Mexico so that the shares – 25 percent – ​​are delivered to the Navy and the remaining 41 percent was purchased from Aleástica, the concessionaire of the Toluca airport.

The purchase process had already begun in 2019. However, the intention was diluted by the construction of the Santa Lucía airport.

The plan for the AICM

The government’s plan was to rreduce the number of passengers on the AICM by up to 30 percent to feed the AIFA at the end of this six-year term and desaturate the AICM.

This was not achieved and, although the government resumed investment in maintenance and rehabilitation, resources will be needed for the next government to make a “new” AICM or, at least, build a new terminal 1.

Besides, The government is about to deliver the foundation works for terminal 2which will allow us to have a safer air port in that building where half of the operations of the entire AICM are concentrated.

The AICM, furthermore, continues to be the main element of the Metropolitan System. Despite this, at the end of this yearThe airport is expected to reach 41 million travelers9 million fewer passengers than at its peak, when it exceeded 50 million.

Sothe reduction of landing and takeoff times (slots) will result in a 19 percent drop in passenger numbers, but it has not been used by any national airline or by the SMA airports.

For this year, the AICM will spend more than 3 billion pesos on works and purchase of security equipment, in addition to the fact that the government has promised at least 4.5 billion pesos for the following year, this product of the surplus flow of the TUA in the MEXCAT Trust.

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