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A group of foreigners who did not have the necessary documentation to be in the country, were located in the Puebla-Córdoba highway; The more than 40 migrants who arrived from six different countries traveled in a cargo box.

This Thursday was when a joint operation between the National Guard (GN) and the National Migration Institute (INM) was placed on the Puebla-Córdoba highway, where various cargo vehicles were inspected.

When stopping a tractor-trailer, The authorities noticed a strange behavior in the driver of the same and proceeded to carry out an inspection in the cargo box of the vehicle.

A migrant contingent of 41 foreigners was found inside the tractor-trailer, 11 from Nicaragua, 10 from Guatemala, 9 from Cuba, 6 from El Salvador, 3 from Honduras and 2 from Ecuador; and none of them had the corresponding documents to be on Mexican land.

For the above, the migrants were transferred to the INM facilities where it is expected that their immigration status will be resolved soon, while the corresponding authorities are expected to provide more information on whether it was only one or more detainees for the crime of human trafficking in this case.


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