With animal shelters and rescuers the People’s Voice spokeand the conversations showed that due to the crisis, more and more people are giving up their pets, the national shelters are 400% full.

“In the last three months, people have been throwing out their animals en masse, referring to the worsening financial and living situation. The saturation of shelters nationally is 400 percent”

– said Anna Illés-Tóth, president of the Hungarian National Association of Animal Defenders, to the paper. The paper also encountered a similar insight at the Új Esély Animal Protection and Animal Rescue Foundation in Csongrád and the Igéző Allatdefégy Egyesület in Hódmezővásárhely.

According to KSH data, in addition to food and energy prices also the price of pet food rose during the crisis, it increased by 30-35% compared to last December’s average.

“Overall, we are moving in the wrong direction. Animals have always been regarded as objects, and this is only increasing today. The stricter animal protection law has no effect”

– formulated by Jolán Bodrogi from the Igéző Animal Protection Association. The presidents of the animal shelters also see that the problem here is not only the wrong direction, but also the decreasing willingness to adopt: in addition, based on the trends described by animal protectionists, people are reluctant to choose a black dog, they leave the animal without any problems when moving, and after a deceased relative “you need the inherited house, but not the dog”.

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