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Motorcyclist dies after being run over by kombi on Ilha do Governador | Rio de Janeiro

Young man was returning from work when he was hit by the van that entered the oncoming lanereproduction

Published 02/13/2024 09:33 | Updated 02/13/2024 09:36

Rio – A motorcyclist, identified as Thiago Henrique dos Santos Silva, aged 24, died last Sunday night (11), after being hit by a kombi on Estrada do Galeão, on Ilha do Governador, North Zone of Rio. He was returning from work when he was hit by a driver coming in the opposite lane. The young man’s burial is scheduled for 1 pm at the Cacuia Cemetery, in the same region.

Family members claim that the kombi driver, Francisco Barbosa Gonçalves, aged 41, was drunk and lost control of the vehicle. “He left the hospital falling over, everyone saw him getting out of the van drunk. When he arrived at the police station, he was inside the police car, sleeping, lying down as if he were in a hotel. At the police station, he admitted that he drank three cans of beer. I want that he stays in prison, this cannot go unpunished. I want justice!”, said the young man’s father, Cícero Silva, in an interview with Bom Dia Rio, on TV Globo.

Through social media, a witness said that the driver invaded the road after overtaking a car. “He passed me cutting through the cars. He lost his way after he cut a white car. The guy was very drunk. He lost his way and hit the wall, flying into the opposite lane, catching the guy on the motorbike. It was the worst scene I could have seen,” he wrote in a post.

Firefighters from the Ilha do Governador barracks were called at 11:16 pm to Estada do Galeão, close to Praça do Avião. The driver of the kombi was rescued by the military with minor injuries and taken to the Evandro Freire Municipal Hospital. Thiago did not survive his injuries and died at the scene. The young man’s body was taken to the Legal Medical Institute (IML) in downtown Rio.

Thiago worked at a car rental company at Galeão Airport. The young man had entered college and was thinking about getting married. The victim’s mother said he was experiencing a period of maturity. “My son was working, full of dreams, plans, this was the year of his life, he was thinking about getting married, he went to college, he was changing his life and wanted to grow, but this guy came and took everything away”, she said emotionally.

The case was registered at the 37th DP (Ilha do Governador) as culpable homicide, when there is no intention to kill.

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