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MPRJ denounces man who hijacked bus at Rio Bus Station | Rio de Janeiro

Transfer of the bus hijacker from the Rio Bus Station, in the 4th DP (Presidente Vargas) to the prison, last Wednesday (13)Cleber Mendes/Agência O Dia

Published 03/21/2024 18:22

Rio – The Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) indicted Paulo Sérgio de Lima, aged 29, for holding 16 passengers hostage and for attempting to murder two people in the interior of a bus at Rio Bus Station, in the Port Zone, last Tuesday (12). He will be charged with the crimes of attempted murder, false imprisonment and discharging a firearm on a public street.

According to the complaint, made through the 1st Public Prosecutor’s Office, Paulo shot the two victims because he believed they were undercover police officers who were going to arrest him. He then prevented 15 other passengers, including a toddler and six elderly people, from leaving the bus. He also used people as a “human shield” and shot in public, putting others at risk.

Paulo surrendered after three hours of negotiation. He was then arrested and taken to the 4th DP (Praça da República). The pistol he used in the crime was also seized. One of those injured during the kidnapping remains in serious condition at Hospital Samaritano Botafogo.

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