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“Neon Could Slap Me and I Wouldn’t Even Hit Him Back” NLE Choppa Claims He Will Never Bully Someone of N3on’s Stature

Popular rapper, NLE Choppa recently took to X (Twitter) to set records straight after he was accused of bullying Rangesh “N3on” Mutama and Nico “Sneako” Kenn De Ballinthazy. For a brief context, popular live streamers in the industry are nowadays collaborating with several popular singers, rappers, and other celebrities to skyrocket their game.

However, N3on and Sneako’s recent interaction with NLE Choppa did not go as planned. After spending some time together, the rapper pressed him for ruining his show and further asked him to pay him the lost money. Some onlookers also alleged that guns were pulled in this encounter. Unfortunately enough for NLE, the clip of the incident went viral thereby making the rapper a massive target for hate.

Such a situation forced the rapper to take things into his own hands. He took the matter to X (Twitter) and refuted all accusations. He even claimed he would never hurt the streamer, and said:

Fans were stunned to see NLE Choppa give up under pressure. People asked him not to fold especially to someone like N3on. Twitter users claimed N2on had better security than most celebrities which is why NLE Choppa was forced to come clean. However, a few commenters also asked the rapper to apologize publicly.

What happened between N3on and NLE Choppa?

N3on and Sneako visited a studio a couple of days back to spend some on-stream time with NLE Choppa. Although everything went well initially, the rapper allegedly made some controversial statements that ruined the stream. The clip was shared on the internet soon after, and a few allegations against Choppa made it go viral.

Loading embed tweet https://twitter.com/AISneakio/status/1753331352890437841?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Amidst the issues, NLE Choppa blamed the streamers for spoiling his show, stating, “Hey bro, you f*cked up one of my shows, bro. They said you were on live and they raided the whole hotel and the whole show got canceled. You got swatted on god, I was supposed to get paid. So lowkey you owe me some money, just lowkey.” Although not seen on-stream, a few update pages on Twitter also made further allegations stating that guns were pulled on Sneako and N3on. This forced them to leave the location.

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