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Non-lethal violence against women increases 19% in five years in Brazil | Brazil

Last year alone, on average, four women were victims of femicideFreepick

Published 03/21/2024 14:30

Between 2018 and 2022, all non-lethal types of violence against women grew by 19% in Brazil. These forms of aggression include property, physical, sexual, psychological and moral and, with the exception of the last, were monitored by the Igarapé Institute, which carried out a survey on the subject, in partnership with Uber.

According to the Igarapé Institute, in the last decade, such occurrences have increased by 92%. To prepare the report that contains this data, statistics were extracted from official health systems and public security bodies.

In the researchers’ collection, occurrences are counted, which means that the same woman may have been a victim of more than one of the recorded forms of violence.

During data collection, it was found that black women are the main targets of non-lethal gender-based violence, regardless of the form the attacks take. In 2018, black and brown women appeared in 52% of records. Last year, they were the victims in 56.5% of incidents.

According to those responsible for the survey, last year alone, on average, four women were victims of feminicide, which is homicide motivated by hatred against the female gender, that is, against women, because they are women. In 2018, femicides represented around 27% of violent deaths, a percentage that rose to 35% in 2022.

Patrimonial violence, which occurs when the victim’s partner restricts, for example, access to bank accounts, or appropriates the money earned by the victim, was the one that increased the most in the last five years, 56.4%. In 2022, six women out of every 100 suffered this type of violence, the highest rate ever recorded in the historical series systematized by the survey, which began in 2009.

The second biggest increase was that of sexual violence: 45.7%. In the last decade, cases involving this type of aggression have doubled.

Psychological violence increased by 23.2% between 2018 and 2022. In this case, what the researchers highlight is the fact that women’s partners and ex-partners are also their main aggressors, corresponding to more than half of the records.

Although it is the most common type among the four analyzed in the study, physical violence, which represents 53% of registered cases, grew 8.3% in the period. In 2022 alone, more than 140,000 attacks of this type were reported, generating an average of 16 per hour.

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