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Nunes uses restriction imposed on Bolsonaro to expand debate on choosing vice president | Brazil

The mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo NunesRovena Rosa/Agência Brasil

Published 02/10/2024 22:00

Brasília – The campaign for the re-election of the mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB), will take advantage of the restriction imposed by the minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes on Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to open new negotiations on the vice presidential candidate and isolate the former president’s nomination.

The target of a Federal Police operation investigating an attempted coup in the country, Bolsonaro was banned by Moraes from talking to others mentioned in the investigation, such as the president of the PL, Valdemar Costa Neto, and general Braga Netto.

The PL’s situation became complicated because, during a search and seizure operation by the Federal Police, on Thursday, Valdemar was arrested in the act for illegal possession of a weapon. The PF also found a gold nugget with him that originated from mining and had an estimated value of R$12,000. Moraes converted the prison to preventive. The PL president had already been arrested in 2013, convicted in the Mensalão case.

Valdemar leads the party with an iron fist and is the one who takes care of municipal alliances. The PL’s goal is to elect a thousand mayors this year to create a stronger federal bench in 2026


Until now, Bolsonaro has conditioned his support for Nunes on the nomination of his vice-president. Before being the target of a search and seizure by the PF, the former president chose the retired colonel of the São Paulo Military Police Ricardo Mello Araújo to work alongside Nunes.

Araújo commanded Rota and the nomination was made taking into account that security is one of the voters’ main concerns. Despite pressure from Bolsonaro, the mayor said that no decision has been made regarding the vice position.

The strategy outlined by the mayor to counter the attempt by the PSOL candidate, Guilherme Boulos, to nationalize the dispute – as if it were a third round between Lula and Bolsonaro – is to show that the “broad front” is on his side.

Currently, ten parties support him, including the PP, the PSD and the Republicans. All of these parties are part of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s base in Congress. The expression was used by the PT campaign in 2022.

Estadão found that neither Nunes nor her allies liked the vice-president appointed by Bolsonaro and the idea is to look for another name, in the wake of the crisis affecting the former president.

In practice, Nunes’ team wants to maintain a “regulatory distance” from the former president, but it depends on the PL.

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