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‘One of my friends was hit’ – El Financiero

Crime in Mexico City reached the family of Susana ZabaletaWell, a few days ago His son Matías Gruener described that he was the victim of an assaultwhere he and a group of friends who accompanied him had their belongings taken.

Through a video on his Instagram profile, the actress’s son narrated that the mishap It occurred on February 7 in the San Juan neighborhood of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office.

How was Susana Zabaleta’s son assaulted?

According to the young man, he was walking with three friends in a neighborhood south of Mexico City when some guys on a motorcycle approached them and asked for their belongings in the middle of the street. ‘rush hour’so called because of the number of people circulating.

“It was rush hour, literally it was the time when all the cars pass; They were two kids on a motorcycle, they got off, They took a gun from us, they put it on our backs“Goodbye, cell phones,” Matías shared in his clip.

While watching some images captured by security cameras at the scene, Gruener said that one of his friends was even physically violated by hitting him for getting nervous.

One of my friends got hit because they asked us to unlock the phones and my friend got very nervous and then he (the assailant) started hitting him,” the young man added.

Susana Zabaleta talks about the assault on her son

In the young man’s video, you can also see singer share his discontent about what happened to his son and friends, since one of his employees was also a victim of crime in recent days.

“Hello everyone. You see that last time I made a video; from my makeup artist, about the fact that she had been assaulted and now it was our turn,” she begins in the video where Matías later explains her experience, which occurred on the night of Wednesday, February 7.

“With his classic rudeness, you know (…) the classic rudeness,” he said. Zabaleta visibly upset by what happened to her son, who came to report and was not so well cared for.

Son of Susana Zabaleta complains about the attention in the MP

Matías Gruener also explained that when they went to the Public Ministry of the mayor’s office to make the corresponding complaint, they received inefficient and courteous treatment from the person in charge, who prioritized other matters even though she said she would attend to them soon.

“It’s horrible that you arrive at the place expecting people to support you and people I see you with a face like ‘sorry, I’m doing you a favor’”.

Several hours passed before the young people could make their complaint. “He told us: ‘I’ll take care of you right now, these two people pass by and then you pass by,’ and no, all the people who were there passed by and it struck 12:30 at night.”

Nonetheless, Susana Zabaleta and his son urged those who saw his video to report if they become victims of crime, despite how tiring and frustrating it may be at times.

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