The mysterious cigar-shaped object, known in the world of ufologists as “Oumuamua”, would have leapt past our Sun in 2017 and, to date, would still be the only interstellar object to approach Earth. To confirm the thesis, very accredited among those who deal with aliens is Avi Loebrenowned professor of Harvardwho spoke to The Sun. Much of the scientific community has considered it a comet, but Loeb is not convinced for three main reasons. According to the professor, comets have a “tail”, which Oumuamua did not have. It also fell every eight hours and the amount of reflected sunlight changed by a factor of 10, “meaning it has a very extreme shape, which was most likely flat like a pancake.” Eventually the object would have moved away from the sun thanks to an unknown force, because there was no flare effect from the evaporation of the gas. Loeb said the technological capabilities do not exist to study the phenomenon explained in 2017, but the obstacle is convincing the scientific community to do research.

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