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“Over 1 million euros in scholarships for young graduates” – Libero Quotidiano

Fabio Vaccarono, president and managing director of the Multiversity Group, was a guest of SkyTg24 precisely to talk about the reality he is leading. A leading company in the e-learning and training market, which has now launched a new project, “From Neet to next gen”, which makes over 1 million euro of scholarships available to young graduates. “It is a responsibility that we feel is particularly important – explained Vaccarono -. We have leading digital universities and universities. Today 1 out of 4 young people in Italy does not study and does not work, but the power and pervasiveness of digital technology, also applied to universities and ongoing formation is essential”.

“In a world in which even agriculture is digitized, there is no reason why Italian university higher education shouldn’t be digitized in turn – added Vaccarono -. And therefore, with the pride of this record, we want to be close to the our young people, to students of all age groups, providing the tools to keep them studying in the belief that today in Italy there are 18 million graduates who, if we don’t help, will be professional profiles at a very high risk of disintermediation with the arrival of artificial intelligence”.

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