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Patrick Mahomes Madden 24 Super Bowl MVP: Will The Star Quarterback’s Performance In the Super Bowl Earn Him A Special Card in Madden Ultimate Team?

Madden Ultimate Team is essentially like Fantasy Football where players get to create their dream team from scratch. Apart from putting their favorite players in a single team, users can take control of it in matches and even indulge in transfers on the auction market. The ability to build up a squad of favorite players is one of the most appealing features of this game mode, and Madden Ultimate Team keeps it interesting by bringing out freshly updated cards based on a player’s performance in real life.

Super Bowl MVPs are always commemorated with a 99-rated card and we believe EA will stick with the tradition this year. The honors of the Super Bowl LVIII will go to Patrick Mahomes who is currently a 96-rated star QuarterBack in Madden Ultimate Team. However, once EA reveals his 99-rated card celebrating his incredible performance in the Super Bowl, it will be a massive upgrade in comparison to other QBs in the game.

While a 96-rated card is high as is, a 99 rating would boost his stats and attributes significantly. Moreover, with Mahomes’ new card being a game-breaking 99-rated one, EA is sure to add some spicy new traits to it to make it even more special, commemorating his performance in the Super Bowl.

What Do Fans Want From The New Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl MVP Card?

(Image via EA)

There is no doubt that Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the business right now. A lot of QBs are good but he is just on another level when it comes to the game. In fact, his stats and performances throughout the season stand as a strong testament to that fact. Interestingly, some fans even think Mahomes’ 10-year “Tom Brady Era” is just beginning.  That being said, most Madden regulars believe his MVP card should not just be good, but it should be unique and stand out among his peers in the game.

While some want the NFL star’s new card to have an extra clutch trait, others debated how he should have a built-in free ability like “Fearless” for 0 AP. Fans also demanded different archetype slots for different AP amounts which is going to elevate his value further. According to raw statistics, Patrick Mahomes averages over 34 points in a playoff game. Most teams tend to score less in the playoffs but that fact hasn’t affected Mahomes’ performance. Hence, in a nutshell, fans want EA to treat this player with the level of respect that he deserves for his impressive stats and performances, especially during the playoffs.

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