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Pedro Scooby reveals health status after rescues: ‘Low giant’ | Daniel Nascimento

Former BBB Pedro ScoobyPhoto: Reproduction

Published 14/05/2024 12:10

Pedro Scooby opened up about his health and that of his team after the rescues in the Rio Grande do Sul floods. Back in Rio de Janeiro, the surfer shared that, despite being well, he needed to take vaccines due to the conditions of the surf operations. rescue victims.

While some members of his team contracted the flu, one of them was hospitalized. “Today I had two vaccines, one in each arm, because we had a huge casualty in our team, two with H1N1, one is in the hospital, thank God I’m fine, I had two vaccines, one anti-tetanus and the other hepatitis A “, he revealed.

Scooby reported that he will continue to help with rescue efforts, while his wife, Cíntia Dicker, coordinates a campaign to collect supplies. “Boss is doing a beautiful job, I didn’t have that dimension, because I was there rescuing people, when I got here I understood the work she’s doing”, she said.

Additionally, he mentioned a charity auction called Martelo Solidário, where surfboards from renowned athletes were auctioned off, including his. Gabriel Medina, Ítalo Ferreira and Lucas Chumbo are some of the athletes who decided to participate in the action.

Last week, Scooby got emotional when talking about animal rescues. He shared the experience of finding around 20 dogs in a gym and how rewarding it was to be able to rescue them. Your dedication and solidarity have been a source of inspiration in the midst of tragedy.

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