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Pelicans’ Zion Williamson gets critical advice from Charles Barkley

Zion Williamson is entering another crucial year in what has been a somewhat disappointing NBA career thus far. The New Orleans Pelicans superstar has been a joy to watch when he’s on the basketball court, but for the most part, he’s been injured and unable to suit up. A case in point is the fact that he played just 29 games last season after missing the entire 2021-22 campaign due to injury.

Charles Barkley now has more advice for Zion. The Hall of Famer has always been a strong critic of Williamson, particularly when it comes to his fitness level. This time around, however, Sir Charles makes it abundantly clear that he’s coming from a place of love as he drops some harsh reality for the Pelicans star:

“You gotta get somebody in your ear … Somebody gotta tell you, ‘Yo man, you gotta get in shape,’” Barkley said. “You’re gonna keep getting hurt if you’re out of shape. … You’re never going to be healthy out of shape. You’re too big to play basketball. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. It’s positive criticism, critiquing. I want you to be a great basketball player. I’ve been in your shoes, being very talented, being overweight.”

Barkley then spoke about his own journey to fitness and how former Philadelphia 76ers teammate Moses Malone changed his life by forcing him to lose weight. Chuck also warned Zion Williamson about the dangerous pitfalls of the path he’s currently on. Barkley says he’s seen dozens of players “eat their way out of the NBA,” and this is the last thing he wants for the Pelicans All-Star.

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