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People can donate part of their Income Tax to help the elderly | Niterói

Niterói: fund aimed at inclusion and support for the city’s elderlyReproduction/Internet

Published 03/21/2024 16:32

Niterói – Taxpayers who need to declare Income Tax can contribute part of the amount to the Fund for the Defense of the Rights of the Elderly (Fundepi). The municipal fund is an instrument for capturing, transferring and applying resources intended to provide financial support for the implementation, maintenance and development of plans, programs, projects and actions aimed at the elderly population of Niterói, with a view to ensuring their social rights. Fundepi is administered by the Municipal Council for the Defense of the Rights of the Elderly – COMDDEPI, a body of representation and dialogue with the community and public authorities in the search for shared solutions.

Fundepi can receive donations from individuals, via Income Tax Declaration sent to the Federal Revenue Service. The allocation of resources via Tax allows the taxpayer, in addition to fulfilling their obligation to the government, to have the opportunity to help enable the continuity of excellent services that are offered by municipal funds.

The municipal secretary for the Elderly, José Antônio Fernandez (Zaf), highlights that the donation contributes to actions aimed at the city’s elderly population. “The allocation of resources via Income Tax is an opportunity, in addition to complying with legal obligations, to contribute to the efficient allocation of public resources, meeting the needs of the population and guaranteeing the necessary investments to carry out structuring projects and actions aimed at the elderly population of Niterói. The council plays an important role in monitoring compliance with the social rights of elderly people and the taxpayer’s donation strengthens this work”, explains the secretary.

It is important to highlight that the donation does not represent an additional expense, as it consists of the allocation of a portion of the tax owed to the Federal Revenue Service. The contribution for individuals can reach up to 6% of their taxes, with a maximum of 3% for the Elderly Person’s Fund.

To donate is simple: within the program, access the “Declaration Summary – Donation” tab. Go to “Donations directly in the declaration” (search for Fundepi) and click on “New”. Then select the options: Municipal Fund, State of RJ and city of Niterói as destination and define the donation amount. Go to the “Print – DARF – Donation Directly” tab and generate the DARF (Federal Revenue Collection Document) for Donation.

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