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Pepe Segarra revives his ‘baseball soul’ with his arrival at Fox Sports México – El Financiero

Pepe Segarra returns to its habitat, which includes a diamond. The chronicler with 42 years of experience in the media He was presented as a star reinforcement for Fox Sports Méxicowhere it will broadcast baseball but also the NFL, among other events.

The commentator appeared for the first time on Fox screens this Wednesday night during The Last Word, and the next morning he held a press conference, where he recalled how important it is for him to be linked to his favorite sport again.

“I am very happy to sing playball on my new team, Fox Sports”he expressed before being received by the General Director of the aforementioned television network, Andrea Pérez García-Escudero.

Segarra thanked him for the reception he has received in his new home, where he will once again share microphones with commentators such as José Pablo Coello and Ernesto del Valle, among others.

“I thank you enormously for the support, the backing you give me and I really feel very happy to open a new cycle in my career, which I have been here in the media for quite a few years now,” he expressed.

“I started in 1981, always very happy, very happy with what I have achieved throughout all this time, and very grateful to Fox Sports for giving me the opportunity to come to work here.”

His presentation was not without coincidences, since he recalled that on March 21, 1968, he witnessed a game between the New York Yankees and the Tigres then from the capital, thanks to the fact that his father obtained resale tickets, at that time at a price of 20 pesos, double the original.

Segarra was at the conference with everything and the ticket for that game, since curiously his first broadcast on Fox Sports will also be a series involving the Yankees in Mexico City, since the Mules will visit the Red Devils next Sunday and Monday at the Alfredo Harp Stadium.

The chronicler also acknowledged that he was surprised by the noise that his change of television station caused, especially because he has always tried to keep his feet on the Earth.

“Now that I come here I have been amazed by everything that has been presented, I feel very flattered and happy with all this reception that has been given to me. In addition to everything that has been generated on the networks, because then they tell me, ‘hey, Pepe, you were a Trending Topic’ of what? And what has left me most satisfied is that the vast majority of the comments are favorable, wishing me luck,” he added.

He also recalled that today Mexican baseball is experiencing one of its best momentsWell, last year we not only experienced the boom of Randy Arozarena and the Mexican ninth in the World Baseball Classicbut there are currently a large number of great players in the Major Leagues, beyond what the Mexican Baseball League has grown.

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